“My family & I rented a Corolla vacation property in early June. We had a wonderful week of weather and a beautiful home. On the Thursday of our vacation, my 3 1/2 year old daughter woke up feeling very sick & run down. We weren’t sure where the closest emergency center or hospital was so we looked through the information our Rental Management Company provided. In there we found a reference for Medical House Calls, Rikki Schuster. We called Rikki at 8:45am and within 1 hour she arrived at our property rental to examine our daughter. She was such a pleasure to work with and provided us with such a wonderful level of comfort.

Turned out my daughter had strep throat and by 11am, she already had her first dosage of antibiotic! This was certainly faster than it would have been even if I was at home and took her to our own pediatrician.

Within 24 hours, she was back to her normal self and our vacation was back on track immediately.

At any rate, I want to thank our rental management company for the exceptional referral and for making it so easy & convenient to find someone so quickly. It was so nice to see you affiliated with someone so professional and so helpful…it will make all our future stays just a little more comforting to know Rikki is there! If we could, we would ask her to do all our house calls up here in Pennsylvania as well 🙂 Thanks to Rikki for making our vacation so seamless!”


The Goodwins, Mertztown PA

“Rikki has been a savior for me.  I live on the north end of Manteo and when I am sick the last thing I feel like doing is getting dressed and driving up the beach to a medical facility and waiting in a room full of other sick folks.

She came to my rescue at home.   I have seen her at our office as well.  She follows up to make sure you are getting better or to decide if she needs to see you again.  She is both friendly and professional.”

T. Taylor, Manteo NC

“It is so great to have Rikki come to the house when I’m not feeling well. She’s accessible, quick to arrive and so nice! Rikki is thorough in her evaluations and always takes the time to explain conditions and discuss treatment options – all in the comfort of home!”

C. Hawes, Kill Devil Hills NC

“Rikki is an absolute life saver. Anyone who has ever taken a sick child to the doctor knows it is no picnic – try doing that with twin toddlers – someone is always sick in my house it seems. The convenience of having her come to the house to see them can not be put into words. She is kind, patient & you never feel like you are inconveniencing her even when it seems like you call her every week.

My kids adore her! They actually get excited when I tell them Dr. Rikki is coming to see them. Take advantage of a great resource – see someone you know actually cares!”

A. Roberts, Colington NC